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Backwoods Cooking Challenge

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How to Play

Your task is to use the items around the campsite to cook the recipes for the hungry Scouts. You'll need to get out and prepare the ingredients, mix your recipes, build up and maintain your fire, cook the food and deliver it as requested. The more you deliver and the faster you deliver it, the more points you score. Don't forget to keep your campsite clean and organised and there's plenty of work for everyone, so you'd better be sure to be ready to work as a team!

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This is you: Use the cursor keys, WASD or click the arrows to move. Click the buttons, press the number keys or press enter to interact with what you face.
Get the fire going: Light and add kindling until the fire grows, then add wood gradually until it grows again, then you can throw on the logs.
Prepare your recipes: Follow the recipe book and use the mixing bowls to prepare your cake mix and pancake batter.
Sort your food: Fill the bread with fillings and dip it in the pancake batter. Cut your orange open and fill it with cake mix and fillings.
Start cooking: Wrap your orange cake in foil and throw your donuts into the frying pan and get them on the fire. Watch them cook until they're ready to serve!
Feed the Scouts: As the Scouts arrive, find out what they want and give them the food they ask for. The faster you serve them, the more points you get!

The Challenge

Come join us for our Backwoods Cooking Challenge game!


In teams of 4 to 6, you will have to work together to find the ingredients, prepare the recipes, keep the fire going, cook and serve a selection of Backwoods Cooking recipes to hungry Scouts!

The better you work as a team, the less incidents you have, the more food you serve, the happier the Scouts all means the more points you earn!

The Top Scores

Position Team Name Score
1st 2nd wimborne No.4 3425
2nd "nd wimborne No.2 3375
3rd blob 2650
4th 2nd wimborne No.3 2300
5th POPEYE 2050
6th 1st Ashtead Pelham 1900
7th 💩🤯😎🤑🐵 1875
8th 2nd Wimborne 1825
9th bill and Teds excellent adventure 1800
10th 6th fulwood 1700

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